Ireland: Abortion legislation contested once again before the UN

Publié le : 14 March 2014

 On Tuesday, 11 March, the Centre for Reproductive Rights based in New York submitted a new request (Gènéthique press review on November 11th, 2014) to the United Nations Committee for Human Rights to denounce Irish legislation that bans abortion on medical grounds. 

The Centre filed its request in the name of Siobhan Whelan. In 2010, in the 21st week of pregnancy, the young woman discovered that her child was suffering from Patau syndrome. As the doctor informed her that she would not be able to have an abortion in Ireland, the young woman decided to travel to the United Kingdom.

In its request, the Centre asks for "Ireland to be made accountable for violating Siobhan’s basic rights by subjecting her to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, interfering in her private life and discriminating against her on gender grounds". 

As far as Johanna Wesreson, Regional Director of the European Centre for Reproductive Rights is concerned, the Irish system is "cruel". She pointed out: "rather than ensuring that women with a non-viable pregnancy are provided with all of the information and services they need to make a personal decision about their reproductive health, the Irish health system cruelly refuses to provide information on reproductive health and safe, legal alternatives for terminating a pregnancy". 

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