Ireland: a pregnant woman dies after being refused an abortion

Publié le : 16 November 2012

 When she went to an Irish hospital for back pains in late October, a young Indian woman was "informed that she was about to have a miscarriage." Having "accepted the idea that she was about to lose her baby," the young woman "asked for her pregnancy to be terminated if they could not save her child." To this request the doctor pointed out, according to the Irish daily The Irish Times: "as long as the foetus has a heartbeat we can do nothing." In the days that followed, "the foetal heartbeat stopped" and "the young woman, taken into intensive care, died from septicaemia.

The Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, in answer to a question put to him in Parliament, said that he "did not wish to comment on this tragedy before having the conclusions of the two inquiries into the circumstances of the death" of the young woman. 
In Ireland, "abortion is banned […] except when the life of the mother is in danger, according to a decision of the Supreme Court in 1992," but "no law has yet been voted to apply this decision. The present government has announced its intention to legislate.

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