Ireland: a bill that could authorise abortion under certain conditions

Publié le : 28 December 2012

 On Tuesday, the Irish government announced that it "intended to submit a bill to parliament authorising abortion when the mother’s life is in danger." This measure follows "the death of a young woman who was refused a termination of pregnancy in a hospital."          

According to a press release of the Irish Department of Health, "the legislation must clearly define when it is possible to terminate a pregnancy, i.e. when there is a real and substantial danger to the life – or the health – of the patient and when this danger can be prevented only by terminating the pregnancy." The Minister for Health, James Reilly, stated that "this is a very sensitive issue. But the government wants the safety of pregnant women in Ireland to be ensured and reinforced." He further promised that "clear instructions will be given to health professionals, while respecting the right to life of the foetus."

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