IPS cells appeal to Bayer

Publié le 13 Jan, 2017

The Bayer and Versant Ventures Companies have created a cell therapy firm called Therapeutics BlueRock in an attempt to develop iPS-based cell therapies [1] for cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Based in New York and Boston, the Company will work in conjunction with centres in Canada and Japan.


Financing to the tune of €225 million granted by Bayer and Versant should support the company for the next four years. “We have created this Company in order to develop innovative therapies based on the latest stem cell technology,” explained Kemal Malik, a member of the Bayer Management Board. “iPSC technology has the potential to successfully treat some of the most difficult diseases on this planet. We are fully aware of the fact that this will take time and that we have a lot of obstacles to overcome. But by combining the best minds in the world and providing bold resources, we feel that we can reach this ultimate goal to cure these types of diseases”.


[1] Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

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