International collaboration for sharing genomic and clinical data

Publié le : 14 June 2013

 The sharing of genomic and clinical data is the goal of the Global Alliance,whose foundation was officially announced on 5 June 2013. Its members consist of over 70 organisations, more than thirty of which are American. They include research institutes, universities and hospitals in 40 countries.     
Since the announcement of the first sequencing of the genome in 2003, the cost of doing it has been divided by 1 million. Thus, "the analysis of a genome, now below the bar of 1,000 dollars (750 euros), is on the way to becoming a routine examination" and, for researchers, an open door to obtaining numerous types of information such as the "underlying causes of cancers, and hereditary and infectious diseases" as well as "about the responses to medicines," explains David Altshuler, deputy director of the Broad Institute in Harvard and MIT, one of the partners of the Global Alliance
Prof. Fabien Calvo, research director of INCa (National Cancer Institute), points out that this sharing "will enable us to obtain more rapidly considerable volumes of data that are indispensable for more accurately characterising cancers, notably the rarest ones."  
Apart from the technical and financial challenges, the partners will have to respect certain ethical principles, notably the utmost protection and confidentiality "of the data to which they will gain access.

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