Indiana is the second US state to ban abortion in relation to Down syndrome

Publié le 25 Mar, 2016

After North Dakota, Indiana is banning abortion on the grounds of genetic fœtal deformity such as Down syndrome. In fact, “on 24 March, State Governor, Mike Pence, signed a law on which the Indiana Parliament had voted, banning abortion on the grounds of race, skin colour, origin, gender and disability”.


Mike Pence explained “that some of my most treasured moments as governor have been spent with families with disabled children, especially those raising children with Down syndrome”.


“The figures are shocking for those who undergo screening (…) most studies show that the majority are aborted,” explained David Prentice, Vice-President and Research Director at the Charlotte Lozier Institute. He stated that “a recent study showed that 99% of people with Down syndrome lead happy lives, 99% of parents love their Down syndrome children, and 97% of siblings love their brother or sister.” “Earlier stereotypes for persons with Down syndrome must disappear – those concerned are generally happy, accomplished individuals who contribute a great deal to our lives and society”.


The new law also states “that dead foetuses following a miscarriage or abortion must be buried or incinerated and no longer processed as medical waste”.  Furthermore, “a pregnant woman should undergo an ultrasound scan and listen to the baby’s heart beat at least 18 hours before undergoing an abortion”.


The Daily Signal (Leah Jessen) 25/03/2016


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