In the Netherlands – heading towards a free pill available from pharmacies for people over 70 years of age who wish to end their lives?

Publié le 22 Nov, 2015

The Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Association (NVVE) is proposing to experiment with a new form of euthanasia by making a ‘Kill pill’ available free of charge from pharmacies for anyone over the age of seventy “regardless of their physical or mental condition”.  The association declared that discussions on this topic were scheduled to be held with the “Dutch Medical Association and Justice and Health Ministers”.


 According to the NVVE’s Tempi Internet site, although euthanasia and assisted suicide have been decriminalised in the Netherlands since 2001, “everyone – the sick and the healthy – can have access to this”.


 Robert Schurink NVVE Director justified the news by arguing that “‘society is ready’ for the Kill pill, especially ‘the baby boom generation’ who want to control their lives’”. He finished off by explaining that an experimental period was needed to “ensure that the Kill pill is not used for suicide, abuse or murder but only to ensure ‘the right death’”.

Aleteia (20/11/2015)

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