In the Netherlands – doctors should inform women of alternatives to abortion

Publié le 5 Oct, 2018

In the Netherlands, some women are stating that: “I would never have chosen to have an abortion if the doctor had told me that other forms of assistance were available. I would have had a chance to keep my child”.


In addition, leaders of the Staat Gereformeerd Partij (SGP) submitted a draft bill calling for doctors to be “obliged to inform women who request an abortion about options that are available”. “If doctors give a full, unbiased account of the assistance that is available, such as anonymous childbirth, adoption, fostering and professional support – women will really have a wide choice of options. “


They recommend that GPs provide information “independently of family planning centres”, and lament the fact that “doctors at planning and abortion centres are not concerned about providing these alternatives, wrongly believing that the woman has already made her decision”.

Institut Européen de Bioéthique (22/08/2018) – Pays-Bas: les médecins doivent expliquer clairement les alternatives à l’avortement

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