In Texas – federal judge blocks law obliging medical establishments to bury or incinerate foetal remains

Publié le 5 Oct, 2018

In Texas, a federal judge has quashed a law that would have required hospitals, abortion clinics and other establishments performing abortions to bury or incinerate foetal remains from abortions or miscarriages (seeTexas wants to introduce routine funerals following an abortion or miscarriage in hospital). The law was adopted in 2017.

Judge David Ezra, the principal judge at the Federal District Court in Austin, issued a permanent injunction on Wednesday, blocking application of the law. It should take effect in February.

Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, whose office defended the law in court, said in a statement that the law was focused on preventing health care facilities from disposing of foetal remains in sewers or landfills. He described the law as an issue involving the “humane disposition of fetal remains”.

Ken Paxton has suggested that Texas should appeal Judge Ezra’s ruling.

New York Times, Manny Fernandez (05/09/2018)

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