In Russia, a draft bill proposes giving money to women to encourage them against abortion

Publié le 2 May, 2016

To overcome population ageing and reduce the number of abortions, a Russian MP has suggested offering a sum of money to pregnant women wishing to have an abortion in order to encourage them to change their mind. According to Aleksandr Sherin, an MP with the Russian Nationalist Party, “Currently, only 20% of women who want an abortion change their mind and keep their babies. A material stimulus could increase this figure very easily and very effectively”. “Instead of having an abortion, the women could sign an agreement with the State. To do this, they must say no to abortion and provide a signed letter confirming their refusal to undergo an abortion, documentation confirming their identity and a record of their pregnancy. (…) In return, they would be given $3,700”.


According to the Russia Today site, although the proposal is fuelling debate, 200,000 pregnant women are ready to sign this contract with the State.

Au féminin (10/04/2016)

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