In New Zealand, consultation under way to extend the posthumous availability of gametes and embryos

Publié le 23 Jul, 2018

In New Zealand, the Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART) has announced that a public consultation is under way to assess terms and conditions for accessing posthumous reproduction in the event of the death of a relative.


The agency which is governed by the Ministry of Health and gives advice on assisted procreation, is examining current guidelines on posthumous reproduction. The aim is to help provide answers to issues that legislation does not currently address, namely, the retrieval and use of eggs from a deceased woman, the use of stored eggs, after the death of a woman, the retrieval of sperm from a deceased man, the retrieval and use of reproductive tissue from a deceased man or woman, the use of stored embryos after the death of one or both of the gamete donors and the recovery and use of sperm or eggs from a person who has become totally incapacitated and whose death is imminent.


This consultation must be completed before new directives are developed.


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