In India, fertile couples “who are too busy” request MAP

Publié le 14 Mar, 2016

In India, increasing numbers of doctors are receiving requests for MAP (medically assisted procreation) from fertile couples.  The man and woman are fertile but they “do not have enough time for natural conception”. This can arise through incompatible professional situations with one partner working abroad and “the number of couples requesting this process is rising,” explained Doctor KathaGautama, Director of the Bloom Fertility Clinic in Chennai. They “refuse to give up or change jobs, or slow down their way of life but are prepared to start MAP because they are driven by their family”.


In such cases, doctors perform artificial insemination, “which is cheaper than IVF”. The procedure is carried out when the couple are together to avoid “raising the question as to whether the woman fell pregnant when her husband wasn’t around”.

India Times (12/03/2016)

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