In England, baby’s ventilator is turned off without parental consent. NHS pays compensation

Publié le 10 Dec, 2018

A British couple have just won a legal battle against the NHS in relation to their new-born baby who died in 2012. According to staff at Darlington Memorial Hospital , the child’s ventilator was turned off without parental knowledge or consent. The facts only came to light a few months later on reading the pathologist’s report. The couple’s baby had contracted an infection which should have been treated immediately after birth. Despite their request, 26-year-old Sian Hill and her partner, James Towers, aged 29, were only allowed to see their baby daughter, Ivy, after her death.


Following years of legal wrangling, the NHS agreed to pay a five-figure bereavement settlement just before the case was about to be taken to court.

Bioedge, Michael Cook (17/11/2018)

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