In China: Sperm donation for an iPhone 6S

Publié le 11 Oct, 2015

Two Chinese sperm banks at the Ruijin Hospital Clinic in Shanghai and the clinic in the Hubei Province have introduced a new way of attracting donors, namely by giving them an iPhone 6S in return for gamete donation. In fact, the sperm banks are giving amounts of money similar to the cost of the iPhone (almost 6000 yuan) in return for a sperm donation.


 This offer is, however, subject to certain conditions.  Donors must “be at least 1.65 metres tall with a university degree”, and between 22 and 45 years of age with no transmissible genetic disease.


 To advertise the offer, the Hubei Clinic has launched a new campaign on social network sites: “Sell your kidney to buy yourself an iPhone is out-dated[1]. You can easily purchase an iPhone 6s by donating your sperm”.


  [1]The allusion made by the clinic to the sale of a kidney refers to the misadventure that befell two Chinese men who decided to sell a kidney in order to purchase the latest iPhone – an approach that came to nothing.

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