In Chile, conscientious objection to abortion extends to institutions

Publié le 17 Oct, 2017

Following the vote on the bill to decriminalise abortion in Chile at the end of August (see Chile decriminalises abortion in some cases), the Constitutional Court extended conscientious objection to institutions. This clause, which was originally applicable only to doctors, has since been extended to the entire medical team (see abortion in Chile: the medical team may benefit from the right to conscientious objection).


 Institutions linked to the Catholic University will transfer women who present for abortion to another establishment where abortions are carried out. A register “of objecting physicians” will also be kept.


The balance remains precarious“, especially with regard to the public funding of these institutions with ties to the Catholic University. In return for funding, the institutions must “strike a fair balance between rights and the necessary concessions in keeping with the spirit of the times“.

Objection! (30/09/2017)

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