In Canada, debates on a draft bill recognising the rights of the foetus

Publié le 2 May, 2016

In Canada, MP Cathay Wagantall has filed draft bill (C-225) establishing that the foetus should be considered a second victim when a pregnant woman is killed or injured. She suggests modifying the Criminal Code to “include new violations when an unborn child is involved”. Two similar draft bills were rejected in 2006 and 2008.


Discussed on Monday in the House of Commons, this bill has “created a stir”. Many MPs are against it, believing that abortion could be rechallenged. MP Murray Rankin stated in particular that “C-225 separates the foetus from its mother. The inevitable effect of this separation would re-open the debate on the reproductive rights of women”. However, as far as Cathay Wagantal is concerned, “abortion is not included in this draft bill”.


Cathay Wagantal “decided to present C-225 after hearing the story of Jeff Durham, a man who lost his partner, Cassie and his daughter, Molly, at the hands of an assassin. There were just 10 weeks to Molly’s birth when the murder was committed”.

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