In Belgium, sperm donor anonymity crumbles

Publié le 30 Oct, 2017

In Belgium, “the law states that sperm donations should be voluntary and anonymous“. However, the “Donor Detectives” Foundation [2] has announced that two Belgians born through “insemination by an anonymous donor” discovered that they were half-brother and sister “after being registered in the international DNA database, “Family Tree DNA” [1]”.


By allowing individuals born through sperm donation to “discover hitherto unknown relatives“, the Foundation is “proud” of triggering the “ethical debate“: “We are showing that donor children are taking their fate into their own hands in Belgium and that guaranteed anonymity is merely a farce. People will find each other – it’s only a matter of time“.


The Foundation wants the authorities to intervene regarding research into DNA: “We also want to call on political decision-makers to critically review current policies and take accountability for supporting, directing and creating opportunities to respond to the fundamental needs of donor children.”


 [1] A genealogical DNA tree.

[2] Foundation operating in Belgium and in the Netherlands, set up last May by six young women (four Dutch and two Flemish) who are looking for their biological fathers. The aim of the foundation is to help donor children, donors and their relatives to find hitherto unknown “family” members.



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