In Belgium, launch of a clinical trial for the treatment of brain damaged patients

Publié le 18 Dec, 2018

In Belgium, a clinical trial has just been announced by NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals (USA) and the Coma Science Group (University of Liège) to develop a treatment for recovery from coma.


At the Coma Science Group and the William Lennox Neurological Hospital Centre (Saint-Luc-UCL) in Ottignies, a first patient was included in this clinical trial entitled “Treating severely brain-injured patients with apomorphine: study protocol using behavioral and neuroimaging assessments”. For the researchers in this study, led by Professor Steven Laureys, chief clinical neurologist at the Coma Science Group at the GIGA Centre in Liège, the aim is to “confirm the clinical effect observed in these patients following administration of the drug and to correlate these behavioural improvements with changes in brain function measured by neuroimaging techniques”.


According to the researchers, “the results will help define clearer guidelines for the treatment of patients with disorders of consciousness, and provide a better understanding of the dopamine networks involved in the generation and disruption of consciousness”.

Belga (06/12/18)

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