Homosexuality – another reason for requesting euthanasia in Belgium?

Publié le 12 Jun, 2016

A Belgian homosexual has requested euthanasia “because he cannot accept his sexual orientation”. His request was assessed and “conditionally approved”. Several committees have yet to give their opinion.


Belgian law authorises euthanasia “if the patient is in a hopeless situation and experiencing constant, intolerable physical or mental suffering”. Two doctors must confirm “constant, intolerable physical suffering” and three doctors in the event of mental suffering.


Gilles Genicot, bioethicist at Liège University and member of the Belgian Committee Investigating Euthanasia commented as follows on this case. “The subject in question probably has psychological problems related to his sexuality. Nevertheless, I cannot find any trace of mental illness per se. We cannot categorically exclude the euthanasia option for these patients. They can fall within the scope of the law if reasonable treatment has been attempted and three doctors conclude that there is no other option”.

BioEdge, Michael Cook (11/06/2016)

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