Heading towards new WHO recommendations for medical abortions?

Publié le 29 Mar, 2015

Two studies published in The Lancet by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden refer to the management of medical or illegal abortions that have failed and miscarriages.


One focuses on the use of a urine test, a “home test” which means that women do not have to travel to hospital for a check-up. Scientists want to “simplify” recommendations in terms of medical abortions using this approach.


The second study concerns the prescription and administration of Misoprostol by midwives in the case of incomplete abortion. This product is already used in conjunction with RU486 in medical abortion, but is prescribed by doctors.


These studies should form the basis of new WHO international recommendations” declared Dr. Gemzell Danielsson, co-author of both studies.

Medical express 27.03.15

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