“Heading towards cell therapy medicinal products”

Publié le : 4 October 2013

 CELLforCURE, a specialised subsidiary of the French biopharmaceutical group, LFB (French fractionation and biotechnologies laboratory) created in 2010, has inaugurated "the first ever European platform for the large-scale manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products". Its aim is "to promote innovative cell therapy research projects and developments resulting from public research to industrial production level", to make cell therapy more accessible to patients and "to position the French subsidiary on the international scene".             

"Five innovative cell therapy medicinal products are currently being developed. […] The first batches intended for patients and satisfying ‘good manufacturing practices’ (GMP) should be produced between now and the end of the year".           
It should be remembered that the aim of cell therapy is to "restore tissue or organ functions by using healthy cells obtained from stem cells to replace or increase defective cells". It is therefore a "genuine cell transplant" in which "cells taken from the patient himself/herself or a donor are selected, cultured and treated in vitro before being reinjected into the patient". Consequently this "calls for the use of completely new production models that are far removed from the more traditional pharmaceutical or biotechnological processes".            
Evaluated at 5.2 billion dollars in 2015, the cell market therapy is rapidly expanding and could reach 10 billion dollars by 2020. 

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