Heading towards a new technique to combat masculine infertility?

Publié le 9 Nov, 2015

The Fukuoka Institute for Assisted Reproduction Technology in Japan has successfully concluded a clinical trial under the supervision of Dr. Atsushi Tanaka, using a technique aimed at combating masculine infertility.


 The Round spermatid injection (ROSI), which involves injecting an immature spermatid into an oocyte by electrical stimulation has been improved by scientists. It was initially used in the 1990s and led to the birth of several children. It was, however, banned in the United Kingdom by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which suspected that children born using this practice, could suffer from a mental or physical handicap, and because it did not often work. Bearing in mind the results of this recent test, appeals have been launched in the United Kingdom to revise this ban

Bionews (09/11/2015) – The Guardian (02/11/2015)

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