Hawking: artificial intelligence and an “end to humanity”

Publié le 3 Dec, 2014

“I believe that the development of autonomous human intelligence could mean the end of humanity” declared famous astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking in an interview with the BBC.


His announcement echoes the recent comments of Elon Musk (See Gènéthique 28.10.2014 press review) who qualified the immoderate development of artificial intelligence techniques as an “existential threat”.


Hawking is continuing to voice caution, having already made his fears known by jointly participating in a forum last May (See Gènéthique 16.05.2014 press review).


He was interviewed by the BBC on the subject of technology which he personally uses because of his neurodegenerative disease (Charcot’s disease). He has recognised the benefits but fears the consequences of creating a tool “that could equal or surpass humans”.

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