Guatemala: the “abortion ship” has been deported

Publié le 13 Mar, 2017

Following the illegal entry of the “abortion ship” in Guatemalan territorial waters, [1], the Directorate General for Immigration suspended the authorisation for the ship’s crew to stay in Guatemala and ordered its deportation.


According to Ardani Sical, the spokesperson for the administration, this decision is justified since the campaigners declared themselves “to be tourists and not members of a NGO wishing to promote abortion, which is prohibited in this country“. Furthermore, the Guatemalan army declared that,“in accordance with the Constitution regarding the preservation of human life and current laws in our country,”it could not allow the NGO to carry out its activities.


The team will be escorted by a Guatemalan naval ship to international waters.


[1]The “abortion ship” will circumvent Guatemalan legislation

AFP (25/02/2017) ; Reuters (24/02/2017)

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