Greece attracts couples seeking surrogacy in droves

Publié le 20 Oct, 2015

Since Greek surrogacy legislation became more lenient in 2014[1], the fertility business has exploded and surrogacy requests are on the increase(cf. Gènéthique du 11 aout 2014). This leniency is not the only reason behind this soar in the surrogacy stakes: the “cost” of surrogacy, namely €30,000 in total, i.e. three times less than in the United States, is a strong incentive. Furthermore, almost sixty clinics now specialise in assisted procreation and there are currently more requests than there are volunteer donors in the country.


 Kostas Pantos, Director of the Genesis Clinic specialising in fertility problems, announced that, “Greece is currently experiencing a medical tourist boom”. He also observed that couples visit his clinic from all over the world”.

Greece is the third European country to authorise surrogacy after the United Kingdom and Romania.


 [1]The new legislation has eradicated the need for couples wishing to use the surrogacy service to reside permanently in Greece.

BFM TV (20/10/2015)

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