Great quality female embryo offered for male embryo: when embryos are traded in classified ads

Publié le 27 Nov, 2018

“We have a great quality female embryo… like to consider a trade?” These were the words posted by a 37-year-old American actress in an IVF Facebook group to find a little brother for her son who asked for a baby brother the week before.


After several failed frozen embryo transfers and one miscarriage, her last IVF cycle produced only one implantable embryo—a female. She explains that it “economically makes sense” to have a boy rather than a girl because, on the one hand, she has kept all of her eldest son’s things and, on the other hand, she only has a two-bedroomed home. “My husband grew up with sisters and wants a boy too. This is the way we want to complete our family. “


The couple did not consider adoption because of the significant expenses involved in the process but they pay $1,000 a year to store the embryo. She hopes to find someone who is interested before Christmas. “Hello we have been trying to give my child a sibling for 3 years… we want to complete our family with a son. We have a great quality female Embryo, hatching! Would like to consider a trade?” says the Facebook ad in search for the dream male embryo. “I’m doing this for my son“, she added.


The mother believes that she will bond with the non-biological child through pregnancy.


It is illegal to buy and sell embryos in the US.

Mirror, Sophie Evans (05/11/2018)

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