Great Britain: A woman is authorised to use the frozen sperm of her dead husband

Publié le : 7 March 2014

 In a decision taken on Thursday, 6 March, the High Court in London authorised a young 28 year-old woman to use the frozen sperm of her dead husband up to 2023, "in order to give her time to conceive a child". 

Her husband who died in 2012 at the age 32, "had frozen his sperm in 2005 before undergoing radiotherapy" and had given his consent for "his wife […] to use the sperm after his death". However, the HFEA, the British Human Fertilisation and Embryo regulating Authority had agreed that the sperm could be used up to April 2015 "after which it would be destroyed with no option to extend the deadline".  The young widow fought this decision. She told the HFEA that "she was not psychologically or financially prepared to have a child at this point in time" and that this period "was too short for her to consider having a second child". This argument was heard by the High Court which extended the period in question up to 2060, the maximum period. 

The decision taken by the High Court is likely to be challenged by the British Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority.

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