GMO : 40% of scientific studies tend to be biased

Publié le 13 Jan, 2017

According to the French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA), 40% of scientific articles on genetically modified organisms (GMO) tend to be influenced by the biotechnology industries. Consequently, “49% of the conclusions are likely to be in favour of seed industries”.


To arrive at these conclusions, the INRA scientists analysed 672 articles published between 1991 and 2015 regarding the efficacy and sustainability of certain GMO plants that produce a bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).


The INRA thus denounced interest links between scientists and GMO manufacturers. Fingers have been pointed at two types of relationships: “Either the authors are employed by industry or one of the authors is financing all or part of the study”. Reference is essentially made to American Companies Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer and the Swiss Company, Syngenta, which holds 60% of the seed market.

Le Monde (Stéphane Horel) 20/12/2016

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