Germany: the spin-offs of transsexuality

Publié le : 20 September 2013

 A recent case caught the Berlin administration off-guard in the spring of 2013. According to last week’s issue of German journal, Der Spiegel, on 11 April 2013 German civil servants sent internal correspondence to the Department for Children and Public Health informing personnel that a "‘man had just given birth’ at home". The man, a transsexual, who had "kept his female sex organs", gave birth to "a child after artificial insemination". Thus, "he wanted to be entered as the ‘father’ in the civil registers and not as the mother" – a request to which the administration responded favourably. Reacting to this request, Falko Liecke, of the CDU and Head of Social Affairs in the district of Neukölln, where the birth took place, announced that never before had he experienced a case like this. "At some time or another, this child is going to discover that his/her father is actually his/her mother!" he declared with an element of surprise. But, in addition to this, "the child’s father does not want […] the baby’s gender to be disclosed" continued Falko Liecke, concerned about the child’s well being. The "father’s" request was eventually turned down. However, Libération, the daily newspaper, pointed out that "since the birth took place at home, no medical source can confirm that the baby is male – information finally disclosed by the father". 

It should be noted that German legislation is set to change from 1 November 2013. A child can be identified as "gender neutral" at birth in the case of "babies with sexual ambiguities surrounding their conception". 

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