Germany: the end of ‘baby boxes’

Publié le : 14 June 2013

 On Friday 7 June, the lower chamber of the German Federal Parliament, the Bundestag, voted a law authorising "confidential" birth whose objective is to make the ‘baby boxes’ "obsolete". Thus, as of 1 May 2014, "a woman may give birth anonymously" but, unlike the system of baby boxes, "her identity will be preserved by the administration". From the age of 16, "the child will be able to request to know his/her mother’s name."         

While there is no plan to close down the ‘baby boxes’ immediately, "a review of the new law will be carried out after three years to find out if [these baby boxes] are still necessary." Following the vote, Ingrid Fischbach; a conservative MP and specialist in family matters, welcomed the bill’s inclusion of the "wish of the mother to remain anonymous and the right of the child to know its origins." In 2009, the German Ethics Committee issued a "warning and recommended the banning of ‘baby boxes’ " as well as giving birth anonymously. 

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