Germany: Peter Tauber, CDU Secretary-General expresses his views on abortion

Publié le : 17 January 2014

 In December 2013, Peter Tauber was appointed General Secretary of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) – the governing party in Germany. In an interview given in Die Welt (German magazine), he proved extremely attentive to the subject of protecting life, which has earned him the reputation of a "fundamentalist" amongst those in favour of abortion.

Although this 39 year-old Member of the German Parliament for Hesse explains that the CDU has no intention of challenging the legal situation relating to abortion in Germany, he nevertheless points out that "it’s good for society to discuss ways in which life can be protected. This is precisely what we did regarding recent legislation on late abortion. We have to sit up and take notice given the fact that there are over 100,000 abortions in Germany every year”. As far as he is concerned, every abortion is a difficult decision "causing pain not only for a life lost but also for the mother and her partner”.
In his interview, he also added that protecting life is extremely important as far as he is concerned, "And that having been said, I am certainly not the only person in the CDU party to think along these lines". This is why, according to Peter Tauber, "any form of assisted death must be forbidden”.

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