Germany: new scandal involving organ donations

Publié le : 10 January 2013

 The discovery of a new scandal involving organ donations in a hospital in Leipzig, Germany, has led the President of the German Federation Of Doctors, Franck Ulrich Montgomery, to call for "exemplary sanctions." Such manipulations "must be sanctioned by all the means of penal law and labour law." "The public prosecutor’s office of Leipzig opened a preliminary enquiry and three doctors have been suspended following the revelation of these manipulations during liver transplants." It is reported that "between 2010 and 2012, 38 patients awaiting a liver donation were listed in a transplant register as undergoing dialysis," thus enabling them to "be included on the list for priority operations.

Jens Spahn, the spokesperson on health questions for the parliamentary group of the conservative party (CDU), said that "manipulations to put people at the top of the waiting list may involve a death warrant for other patients awaiting an organ donation with greater urgency." Hence, "this practice must be at all costs sanctioned, punished and prevented in future.” 
This scandal is not the first to emerge in Germany because in August 2012 abuses in the circuit of organ transplants were also revealed in the University Hospital of Gottingen, in Lower Saxony. "An independent commission was then set up," leading to the discovery of irregularities in this hospital in Leipzig.

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