Gender theory or the control by the individual over biological reality

Publié le : 9 July 2013

 In an article published in the daily Le Figaro, the philosopher Chantal Delsol warns against the desire of today’s society to separate individuals "from the groups to which they belong and their identifying characteristics" so as "to make them free from all constraints." "Withdrawing the individual’s membership" of these groups "would prevent discriminatory temptations and attempts." Gender theory is the means used for “the last withdrawal of membership possible, from one’s sex," the philosopher writes. 

In reality, "the sexual difference is the most natural and the only truly biological difference," she explains. So the individual who denies this characteristic will be "un-labelled". Gender theory thus "produces individuals who are un-labelled, i.e. nameless, the name corresponding to a membership that they no longer want." The individual then becomes "transparent".         
This expresses "a desire of individuals to choose, if not their biological sex, at least the ‘gender’ they belong to."Humanity today wants to recreate everything and rejects everything that it does not decide: "nature means nothing, all is culture. Everything is in my power." In other words, humanity creates its own world which it maintains under its control.          
However, "our sexual difference exists. A man and a woman are not the same. The disorders of adolescence are clear indicators. We will be telling lies to children." The teaching of "gender theory" in biology and earth science classes is an aberration, the philosopher insists: "in no way can it be regarded as part of science, when it is an opinion, and especially in this case, an ideology." Teaching about biological sex and "the way to make children", that is science. But teaching a special theory to promote "the construction of sexual identity by the choice of one’s sexual behaviour […] cannot be imposed on all the children of France as if it were science." Comparing this "propaganda" to what children were taught in the Soviet Union, Chantal Delsol concludes: "when the authorities wish to impose patent nonsense on a people, resistance is the only response."

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