Gender theory is installed in Australia

Publié le : 7 June 2013

 By a ruling issued on 31 May 2013, the Appeal Court of New South Wales, an Australian state, has officially recognised that Australian birth, death and marriage certificates specifying "man" or "woman" in the box for "gender" can now offer the possibility of ticking "neutral". At the origin of this decision is the case brought by "Norrie May-Welby, a man who became a woman and who now regards himself as ‘neutral’ or ‘sexless’." Hence, this "annuls the obligation to register a citizen only as a man or a woman" on these certificates, the Sydney Morning Herald points out. While this decision is applicable only to people who have undergone a sex change operation, it is in any case "a first step towards the official recognition of neutrality as a gender” in Australia. This case has been passed on to an administrative court "which will decide on the official designation of this new gender."
Moreover, the government of New South Wales is reflecting on the implications that this decision could have. And it would not be surprising if other Australian states adopted a similar position, "inviting the Federal government to recognise the existence of a third gender in all of Australia."

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