Gb: births led to compensation and interest payments

Publié le 11 Nov, 2014

Official British Government figures have revealed a current “shocking” practice, namely to compensate parents for having an unwanted child or a child with an abnormality. One hundred and sixty four (164) complaints have been lodged with the NHS since 2003 and have led to £95 million (approximately €120 million) in “compensation and interest payments” for parents.


The reasons cited for these complaints are a heavy unforeseen financial burden on the  parents in the case of handicapped children and “unwanted pregnancy”, “contraceptive failure”, “sterilisation failure”, “bad pregnancy test” and “abortion failure”, etc. in the case of healthy babies.


According to the British Ministry for Health, such financial compensation is a rare occurrence. It nevertheless raises ethical questions.


Mercatornet (Philippa Taylor) 11/11/2014 – Daily Mail (Jonathan Petre, Stephen Adams) 09/11/2014

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