Gametes: Where to stop?

Publié le 30 Jun, 2009
The Court of New York has jus authorised a woman to collect the sperm of her dead boyfriend. Another American court, the one of Travis County, authorised a mother, Missy Evans, to preserve the sperm of her son Nikolas, killed on 5th April 2009 in a street fight. This way Missy Evans hopes to find a surrogate mother and one day to raise her grandson or granddaughter. Thus the morgues preserved the body at 39.2° in order a specialist can collect the sperm waiting for the surrogate mother.


Still in USA, a Judge from New York, Thomas O’Neill Jr. authorised a 13-year-old girl, Brittany Donovan, with fragile X syndrome to suit the sperm bank (Idant Laboratories) from which the sperm comes and with which she was conceived and it was established that it was at the origin of her genetic disease.


In the era of economic crisis, also we learn that one of the oldest sperm banks in the American market, Xytex International, makes sales to “sell off their stocks“. The bank admits to have a “superproduction” of sperm and sells off the sperm of regular donors or those who have been particularly productive”… At the same period the first global sperm bank, the Danish bank Cryos announced that in 2008, the number of donors was multiplied by three, from 30 to 100 per day and that despite of this, it has difficulties to meet the demand. Senior physician of Cryos, Gert Bruun Petersen, takes care to supply good quality sperm (more than 2/3 donors are thus refused due to poor quality sperm) and dreams of seeing “all children born from Cryos 100% sane”.

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