Freezing of oocytes: warning from British experts

Publié le 9 Sep, 2015

British experts from the British Fertility Society (BFS) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) – the two main organisations representing fertility professionals in Great Britain – are taking stock of oocyte freezing. The approach appeals to many women.  Requests have, in fact, risen four-fold in recent years.  However, oocyte freezing, which is increasingly attracting younger women, is not requested on medical grounds.


 Professor Adam Balen, Chairman of the BFS and spokesperson for the RCOG, which uses this technology for medical reasons, disapproves its use for non-medical grounds. It warns against a heavy procedure, the risks of which are still difficult to evaluate.


 It informs women wishing to enter what is known as the “social egg freezer” – a rapidly growing club which unites women who are prepared to wait to have a family in order to pursue a career or because they do not have a stable companion. According to Professor Balen, “We think that this is going too far.  This technology does not guarantee a baby in the future but trains women through ovarian stimulation cycles and the collection of ovules – which is no mean feat”.

The Telegraph (07/09/2015)

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