France: Towards the authorisation of research on the embryo in the spring?

Publié le : 12 February 2013

Whereas the issues of access to medically assisted procreation (MAP) and surrogacy for couples of the same sex "are widely discussed in the political arena and in the media as part of the discussion on marriage for all," there is no mention of research on the embryo and embryonic stem cells, currently forbidden except by special dispensation. But the bill to be discussed by the National Assembly in Paris in a public session on 28 March authorises research on the embryo in principle, and it could be "definitively adopted in the spring," "if the National Assembly opts to vote in the same way as the Senate." This is the "hope" of Dominique Orliac, recently appointed sponsor of the bill by the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. According to her, "it is possible." However, this adoption would not be without consequence. The result of authorising research on the embryo would constitute "a significant unravelling of our bioethics legislation." 

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