For or against the reimbursement of abortion in Switzerland?

Publié le : 13 December 2013

 A popular initiative entitled,” Financing abortion is a private matter – Take the pressure off medical insurance by removing the cost of an abortion from basic insurance cover" will be put to the Federal vote in Switzerland on 9 January 2014.

The arguments in favour of excluding abortion from mandatory insurance cover are as follows. Abortion is a private matter – this would reduce the number of abortions and lower health costs.
The Geneva Medical Association does not share this opinion and puts forward counter arguments. Firstly, the management of abortion since 1981 "has harmonised tariffs". "Accepting the initiative would end price regulation". Lastly, the "refunding of abortion may reduce the number of abortions performed in young girls". However, the upshot is that most abortions stem from "the failure of contraception or a change of plan", which detracts from the argument of keeping young people informed. As far as the medical association is concerned, "the initiative jeopardises women’s health" and the association calls on the principle of solidarity to maintain the reimbursement of abortion. Based on the principle that an unplanned pregnancy is an accident and that accidents have to be managed, there are no grounds for discussing reimbursement. 

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