Florida cuts Family Planning Finance

Publié le 28 Mar, 2016

Last Friday, Florida Governor, Rick Scott, signed a draft bill aimed at significantly reducing public funding for abortion clinics, especially those run by the Family Planning Association.


Florida is the twelfth state to respond to “commercial abortions” by blocking the funds allocated for abortion in recent months. The final version of the draft law, which will come into force on 1 July,

  • Bans any state subsidy to affiliated organisations directly or indirectly involved in abortion,
  • Bans abortion clinics from purchasing, selling or donating foetal remains following an abortion,
  • Increases and improves abortion clinic audits (a monthly report and an annual inspection),
  • Standardises equipment,
  • Demands that those practising abortion and accommodating an emergency patient stipulate that preference must be given to the local hospital.

The Hill (29/03/2016), CNS News (29/03/2016)

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