Financing the preservation of gametes harvested from transgender adolescents: the NHS in the spotlight

Publié le 13 Oct, 2017

NHS[1] clinics are allowing dozens of transgender adolescents to freeze their sperm or preserve their eggs to enable them to have a child following a sex change.


Some boys, often as young as “twelve years of age“, are freezing their sperm in order to have their “own biological child” in the future after having undergone sex change surgery. Clinics are also freezing the eggs of “girls from sixteen years of age prior to taking hormones” as it will reduce their fertility and give them a masculine appearance.


Fertility treatments for transgender adolescents, financed by the NHS, could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. This expenditure is set to rise constantly as more and more young people feel that they were born with the wrong gender.


The commitment of the NHS to such programmes has raised criticisms and concerns in terms of the funds allocated when some basic surgical procedures such as cataract removal are currently limited. Although one of the lead physicians in transgender medicines has justified the sums incurred, believing that these adolescents are “entitled” to have a family, Monsignor Michael Nazir-Ali, former Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, pointed out that the purpose of the NHS was to treat sick patients, “that’s why we pay income tax“. He was surprised: “Where are these funds for fertility treatment coming from, given the increasing financial pressure exerted by the NHS and the shortage of essential health services?



[1] National Health Service in the United Kingdom (

Daily Mail, Sanchez Manning (01/10/2017)

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