Fatal risk for surrogates: the clause of too many surrogacy contracts

Publié le 11 Mar, 2019

“The surrogate declares and guarantees that she has consulted a doctor and is aware of the physical, medical, and injurious risks, including death, that may result from taking medications …, embryo transfers, and the complications related to pregnancy and childbirth provided for in this Agreement”.


Surrogacy contracts, which are legal in some countries, are designed arrange for women who are “in good physical health and the mother of at least one living child” to become “pregnant by means of IVF or artificial insemination in order to subsequently surrender the child to the sponsoring persons”.


No pregnancy is without risks, whether medical or psychological, and these are taken into account in most contracts. “Death is one of them”.

By contract, a healthy woman is asked “to risk her life and to take the risk of her child or children becoming orphans”. “There is no need”.

CoRP (28/02/2019)

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