Euthanasia, the first resort against suffering in Quebec?

Publié le : 7 January 2019

A study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics shows that euthanasia in Quebec, called “Medical Aid in Dying”, is sometimes applied with no attempt to alleviate the patient’s suffering. Euthanasia advocates have claimed everywhere that it will only be a last resort to relieve suffering, but there is no law in the world that requires that another solution be tried before performing euthanasia. In Canada, only 15% of patients receive appropriate palliative care, whereas access to medical aid in dying is considered a right.


In Canada, people can even increase their suffering in order to qualify for euthanasia, by starving themselves, and in Oregon, people with diabetes can refuse insulin. Others refuse all treatment to alleviate their suffering. Harnessing the authority of doctors in support of “homicide” could, over time, make this act banal. “Humans are a logical species. Once we adopt a principle — here, that killing is an acceptable way to defeat suffering — we take the road wherever it leads”. Euthanasia then becomes “normalized“.

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