Euthanasia preferred on financial grounds

Publié le : 25 October 2013

 On the website, Canadian GP Paul Lefort has opened a forum in which he denounces euthanasia and explains that this practice "gets its justification from the inability of medicine to alleviate, when cure is impossible, the unacceptable consequences of an incurable disease". This forum follows on from the recent submission by the Quebec Government of a draft bill seeking to authorise medically assisted deaths (Gènéthique press review of June 10th, 2013). 

The GP stressed that "treatment failure does not reflect medical incompetence but the refusal of financial support preventing four out of five doctors from accessing palliative care". Moreover, he stated that "euthanasia is often considered to be far more economical than palliative care".          
Since 80% of patients do not have access to palliative care, Paul Lefort believes that the real issue is as follows: "is euthanasia an acceptable procedure for resolving under-financing and the lack of access to palliative care?
On 15 October, the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice also upheld the decision to denounce this draft bill emphasising that the Quebec Government intended to "promote euthanasia for financial reasons rather than invest in palliative care" (Gènéthique press review on October 14th, 2013). 

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