Euthanasia in the Netherlands: Official figures are rising

Publié le 24 Apr, 2017

The number of official cases of euthanasia in the Netherlands increased by 10% in 2016 according to regional monitoring boards. Death by euthanasia currently accounts for 4% of the total number of deaths.


These figures, which were published on Wednesday, also show that “in 10 cases, procedures were not correctly followed” and, in particular, a second doctor was not consulted. In 87% of cases, these were patients suffering from cancer, serious cardiac or pulmonary problems or nervous system disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Thirty-two people “suffering from dementia” underwent euthanasia, most of whom “were in the initial stages of the disease” and sixty patients “with severe psychiatric problems”.


As far as the President of the monitoring committees is concerned, there is no definite explanation for this increase. Reference was made to a demographic increase and a “change of opinion amongst doctors”.

Dutch (12/04/2017)

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