Embryo stem cells: will the GERON trial be reinstated?

Publié le : 30 May 2014

 The GERON trial, started and terminated in 2011 by the American Company, Geron Corporation, could be reinstated. This was the first phase 1 clinical trial involving a line of human embryo stem cells and focusing on patients presenting with spinal cord injuries (Gènéthique, 2010).


At the end of 2013, BioTime, a company set up by two directors of the Geron Corporation, acquired the regenerative medicine and stem cell branch of Geron. BioTime could restart the phase 1 clinical trial, as highlighted last week in the California Stem Cell Report (blog). In fact, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has just allocated 14.3 million dollars to Asterias Biotherapeutics/BioTime to carry out this clinical trial (see here). The IRM was one of the initial sponsors of the first Geron trial.

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