Embryo research: British scientists challenge the 14-day ruling

Publié le 19 Dec, 2016

In the United Kingdom, during the Progress Educational Trust medical congress, scientists [1] requested a 14-day extension to the legal period allocated for human embryo research. This period would be extended to 28 days. This request follows recent techniques which have allowed scientists to duplicate the embryo laboratory storage period.


The scientists’ request to extend the current research period is aimed at promoting the understanding of congenital diseases, cardiac diseases and certain cancers.


A group of doctors who are opposed to human embryo research considers that this request is a “slippery slope that will result in unrestricted embryo research”.


[1] Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, Francis Crick Institute, London, and Professor Simon Fishel, Head of the CARE fertility group.

The Guardian (Robin McKie) 04/12/2016

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