Embryo donation – not such a “rosy” practice

Publié le 11 Dec, 2017

In Australia, excess embryos generated through a medically assisted procreation programme can be “donated” to an infertile couple without the procedure having to remain anonymous. For Natalie Parker and her husband, this “embryo donation” strategy did not turn out to be as “rosy” as originally depicted. After having two sons through MAP (medically assisted procreation), the couple decided to give their excess embryos to an infertile couple. It was agreed with the recipient couple that the biological parents could see the child once a year and that photos would be exchanged regularly. However, the female recipient broke off all contact following implantation. After carrying out a swift search on Facebook, Natalie Parker discovered that the woman had given birth to a baby who could easily be mistaken for her own son. She felt “used” by a system she trusted. Furthermore, she found out that she had no legal rights to the child. Furthermore, the child will not be able to retrace his genetic history and find his biological parents.

Daily Mail, April Glover (27/11/2017)

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