EllaOne® available without a prescription: a contested approach

Publié le 27 Apr, 2015

EllaOne®, “the emergency contraceptive pill”, has recently become available without a prescription in France and other European countries. The argument put forward in support of the sale of EllaOne® is its efficacy compared to the “morning after pill”, Norlevo®.


However, this argument is contested.  Based on “independent studies” published in the Prescrire journal in 2009[1], an article by Libération conveyed the mixed opinions regarding this latest approach. For Bruno Toussaint, Director of Prescrire, “the situation is very clear –  it’s all about marketing. On the one hand we have a known medicinal product with generics and, on the other hand, a newer product that is patented”.


As far as Véronique Séhier, Joint Chairperson of Family Planning is concerned, “its market launch does not really constitute a requirement”. Last but not least, for Séverine Auriol, a gynaecologist in a Family Planning centre, “the medical service provided is of minor importance”.


Nevertheless, the European Commission’s decision has already been applied in Poland, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany – countries where emergency contraception is not available without a prescription. 


 [1] Market launch date of EllaOne®

Libération (27/04/2015)

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