Elderly patients and intensive care units: different practices across Europe

Publié le 6 Feb, 2018

A European study has highlighted variations in the practices of resuscitation and intensive care units, particularly with regard to admission, discharge and treatment procedures for the very elderly. Using a questionnaire, researchers have recorded the opinions of experienced physicians in sixty-two resuscitation and intensive care units in twenty European countries. The responses highlight major discrepancies between the units in terms of the admission of very elderly patients, the obligation to take family opinions into account, the level of care administered to these patients and even routine geriatric consultations. In fact, the study emphasises “a lack of consensus” in the approach adopted by ICU physicians when dealing with patients over 80 years of age and, therefore, delicate situations, highlighting“the misfortune of elderly patients refused admission and therapeutic intervention”.

Journal International de Médecine, Dr Bernard-Alex Gaüzère (24/01/2018)

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